Month: June 2018

Playing Your Favorite Android Games on PCs

Are you tired of being told that you need to get a smartphone if you want to play your favorite Android games? Even if you have a smartphone, you may be sick of playing those games on such a small screen. Not to mention the fact that a few hours of on screen time and your phone is at 20 percent battery! That is no fun at all! But what can you do about it? We are here to tell you about some solutions that we think you will be very happy about.

Here is what we want to show you. We want to tell you about how you can use Android emulators to play your games on your computer. If you have a Windows PC, then you will be able to play these games so easily. If you have heard about emulators before, it is probably because of consoles. Now you can play PS and PS2 games or even original Xbox games on your PC with emulators. That is a lot of fun. And now you are able to do the same for Android.

Say you are a huge fan of the Bombsquad game on Android, You are hoping that you will be able to play this game when you are on your computer. We want to tell you that so long as you have the emulator that works with your computer, you are good to go! You will just have to make sure that you have downloaded the APK that you can find online and you will be able to install the game. And then you can start playing. Enjoy these games for as long as you want on your computer.

What about a touchscreen? This is an issue for some people. If you have a desktop or laptop that does not have a touchscreen, then you will have to use a controller or keyboard with your games. That is fine as many Android games do support this. But there are some games that only work with touchscreens. In this instance, you will have to use a tablet or a laptop that has a touchscreen and runs Windows. Then you can use the touchscreen in the same way that you would use the screen on your phone to play these games. It will feel very intuitive and you will have a great time while playing the game – that is for sure!