Aloha To Epic Adventures On Your Mobile

Aloha To Epic Adventures On Your Mobile

Time for a change. They say a change is as good as taking a vacation. And today, no matter how sophisticated that smart mobile of yours is, you can make that change.

Aloha Games

Taking a good vacation also means heading off into territory that you have never explored before. You might end up having an epic adventure.

Something of a story, tall stories mostly, perhaps, to tell your grandkids someday. But no, most of you are stuck in a rut. You are stuck in that daily grind as they like to say. Time crawls endlessly. You get that because time only really flies when you’re having a really awesome time.

Like going off on an epic adventure perhaps. Lacking the real thing, it’s time to say aloha to and give yourself a chance at an epic adventure. This is a gateway to an epic that is endless. Don’t laugh at this story’s protagonist. This is Diggy’s Adventure after all and you should be grateful that he is letting you in on this for free.

One thing Diggy’s Adventure is not going to be giving away for free is the endless pots of gold that you’re going to need to sustain this epic, endless adventure of yours. Although, while he doesn’t know this, there are places you can go to on your mobile where you can quite literally rob the piggy bank. Imagine doing that then? Wouldn’t that be an adventure and a half?

Go rob a bank if you dare. The problem though is that after the next superhero has swooped down and nabbed you, you’ll have no grandkids to tell your story to. You’ll have to make do with having a whale of a time telling your story to your fellow inmates. That’s an adventure all on its own, because won’t these cons have their own stories to tell as well.

Robbing a kid’s piggy bank, that’s child’s play. How about blood, guts all over the floor and plenty of violence and gore. That’s adventurous. Although you’re going to need a vivid imagination to play this one out.