Endless Suco Verde Detox Recipes To Keep You Coming Back For More

Endless Suco Verde Detox Recipes To Keep You Coming Back For More

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Ask those who were very unfortunate to go on those archaic diets from years gone by. It was never easy. It was never easy to shed all those excess kilos. It required huge sacrifices. Part of the sacrifice was that the diet that these poor folks had to dine on was utterly tasteless. Imagine only having lettuce leaves and carrot tops to eat for lunch and supper every day. And imagine having to eat yucky oatmeal without any sugar for breakfast every morning.

Those were the lucky ones. At least they still got to eat. They did not starve to death but boy, did they suffer. Funny how life turns out. It turns out that some folks still refuse to learn the lessons of the past. And then there are those who blatantly exploit those poor suffering souls trying so desperately to lose their excess weight. How dare they tell them that they must only drink juice for breakfast, lunch and supper everyday in order to lose weight?

Now, by the time you take the first sips from your new suco verde detox diet, you will be drinking juice for breakfast, lunch and supper. Only that’s not it. The juice recipes have been specially formulated to cleanse your body of all the toxins it picked up when it went on those junk food binges. And then there’s this. Breakfast is still the most important meal of the day. And guess what else; you’ll be eating oats too. Only this time, its gluten free, if it has to be, and it’s really tasty too.

You get to add organic honey for that sweet tooth taste of yours. Add bananas and nuts and you really have a meal on your hands. That’s just breakfast. What about lunch and supper. After the siesta, it’s everyone’s favorite time to eat, drink and be merry. You raise your detox juice glass to toast the fine meal you are about to sit down to and enjoy. Grilled fish, fresh from the ocean or farm fresh skin, pan fried in olive oil or with a delicious stir fry of all your famously good for you vegetables.